Matt Heath Illustration and Concept Art

ARTtitude's Streets Of Warcraft
To celebrate 10 years of World of Warcraft the ARTtitude team presented Blizzard Entertainment with a limited edition book which brings an urban pop culture to the Warcraft universe. I was one of 20 artists selected to submit art to the book.
Medieval Character Concepts
Medieval character concepts for Kett's Rebellion.
Mech Sketches
Ink brush pen mech concept sketches, exploring shapes, abstract design and functionality.
3D Total: Digital Painting Techniques Vol.8 Tutorial
Learn how to create your own custom brushes and paint a Sci-Fi image with my tutorial in 3DTotal's Digital Painting Techniques Vol. 8.
Portait Paintings Female
Portrait paintings and sketches for character concepts and practice.
Lost Contact
Concept art using photobash and digital matte painting techniques.
Crisis Response
Concept art using digital matte painting techniques and rough 3D blockmesh base.
Mech Heads
Quick turnaround mech concept sketches starting in Z-Brush then Keyshot render and photo bash, paint and editing in Photoshop. Video created with Screenium and Premiere
Environment concepts
Digital paintings and environment concept work. Please click images to enlarge.
The Aftermath
Personal project using photoshop.
2016 Ink Sketchbook
Here is my newest Ink Brush Sketchbook. It's warts and all, it's practice, ideas, experiments and occasionally some successes! I had some hesitation putting it all up here instead of only the best bits but I like to see "behind the curtains" of other artists work. I'd love to hear thoughts. For just the pretty stuff, follow me on Instagram ;)
Ink Brush Sketchbook
My trusty ink sketch book illustrated with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and japanese ink brush. This book consists of twelve months of sketches, character concepts, life drawing, thumbnails, environments, inspirations and ideas from Sydney as well as travels around Europe.
Five Samurai
Battle dress and armour of different ranking Samurai from various clans.
Samurai Mask
Personal work, graphite on paper 297 x 420mm. May 2012.
Portrait Illustration
Personal and commissioned works for gallery exhibition and sale.
Artemis; the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth, virginity and protector of young girls.
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